Our Cuisine

At Chiringuito Paco we work every day to achieve the satisfaction of all our customers. And we achieve this by combining different factors:

Fresh and quality products

Paco sources its supplies from local suppliers, selecting seasonal and top-quality products. This translates into dishes with exceptional flavor.

Speciality fish in fire

Chiringuito Paco is famous for its sardine skewers, made with fresh fish from the Bay of Malaga. Their traditional technique and the perfect cooking point make them a delight for the palate.

Variety on the menu

In addition to skewers, Chiringuito Paco offers a wide variety of dishes, from paellas and rice dishes to seafood, fried fish and grilled meats. There are options for all tastes.

Traditional cuisine with innovative touches

Paco reinterpreta recetas tradicionales de la cocina malagueña con un toque creativo, aportando un aire fresco a los platos sin perder su esencia.

Prime location

Located on La Rada beach, Chiringuito Paco offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. Enjoying a good meal with this landscape in the background is a unique experience.

Family and cozy atmosphere

The close and friendly treatment of the staff at Chiringuito Paco makes customers feel at home.

Value for money

Los precios del Chiringuito Paco son razonables teniendo en cuenta la calidad de los productos y la elaboración de los platos.

Excellent reviews

El Chiringuito Paco has an excellent online reputation, with numerous positive opinions from satisfied customers.

Ultimately, the success of Chiringuito Paco is based on the combination of excellent cuisine, a pleasant atmosphere and a privileged location.

It is an ideal place to enjoy a delicious gastronomic experience with sea views.